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The HE-VA Multi-Seeder and Multi-Seeder Twin have been developed to work in combination with HE-VA cultivation and grassland machinery. Whilst the seeders themselves ensure precise seed rates, simple calibration and simple to use controls, the fitting kits that HE-VA have developed allow easy, safe access and provide for all seed placement requirements.

Evolution OSR Seeder: The Evolution is a Subsoiler based all-in-one precision OSR Seeder encompassing a dual metering system hopper and the Accu-Disc seed coulter bar.

Front-Tank: Often mounted to the tractor's front-linkage to hold a range of different products, the hopper can also be mounted to a cultivator - both fitting locations enable the Front-Tank to turn your cultivator into a cultivator drill. 


Multi-Seeder: Designed to work in conjunction with HE-VA cultivation and grassland machinery with purpose-built fitting kits, the range of HE-VA Multi-Seeders themselves ensure precision seed rates, simple calibration and easy-to-use controls. 

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