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Trailed HE-VA Subsoiler


HE-VA Subsoilers are designed for minimum draft and maximum heave without bringing large unwanted clods to the surface.

The subsoilers come in 7 different frame sizes from 2.5m to 7m. The mounted rigid subsoilers are available in 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m & 4m working widths. The mounted hydraulic folding subsoilers come in working widths of 4m and 5m, whilst the trailed hydraulic folding subsoilers are available in 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m working widths. The subsoilers come with a number of different leg options to create the correct specification to do the best job on any individual farm.

There are subsoiler models to suit most farms and tractors sizes up to 650hp.

If you are interested in an ultra low disturbance, medium depth subsoiler then see our Stealth range - 2 rows of staggered legs and a front row of disc openers reduces surface disturbance.



Welsh Small Grants Efficiency Scheme - Grant Eligibility Icon

Investment item: Subsoiler

Eligible Item: Subsoiler (must be optioned with front cutting discs to qualify)


  • minimum working width of 2.7m
  • minimum two legs
  • cutting disc preceding each subsoil leg
  • rear roller for consolidation
  • depth control


The grant will be a maximum 40% contribution against actual invoiced costs up to the maximum referenced costs as stated within Annex A.

Full details

If you're interested in this machine, the first step is to apply for the eligible machine before the 16th April 2024. Secondly, once you have your application approved, and you’ve accepted the contract within 30 calendar days of the offer date and adhered to all the requirements, the next step is to purchase the item/machine.

If your application for the above machine is successful, then speak to your local HE-VA dealer in good time, to ensure timely delivery within 6 months of the submission of the claim. Find your local HE-VA dealer here.





The subsoiler “Hammer Thru” quick change shearbolt system protects the machine in tough, stony conditions and means minimum down time for the operator. Its “Toblerone" style shearbolt allows several resets before the need for a change - no spanners required!

Alternatively there is a Hydraulic Reset subsoiler version for extremely stony conditions.

Hydraulic Reset Subsoiler

All subsoiler models are available with hydraulic auto-reset for extremely stony conditions. An individual hydraulic cylinder on each of the subsoiler legs which is connected to a gas accumulator allows the leg to break-back and reset if it comes into contact with a large stone/unmovable object. It also means less downtime.

As the legs on a subsoiler are adjusted to work deeper, the leverage on the hydraulic reset ram increases and so a pressure gauge is used to allow the operator to set the force required for the leg to break back.


Subsoiler 25mm Leg & Point Design

The V formation layout of the frame, angle and design of the standard 25mm legs ensure that HE-VA Subsoilers have a relatively low draft requirement. The points are also designed to lift and heave without huge HP requirement. A variety of points are available.

The standard long life cast point has a 200mm wide wing. Other narrower versions are available at 80mm and 120mm widths and wider versions at 350mm to suit different applications.

200mm tungsten tipped points are available as an option.

Bolt on points using a single bolt are quickly replaced keeping down time to a minimum.

The 200mm cast steel point with tungsten tip allows approximately 30% longer life than a Hardox steel point.

Stealth 15mm LD Leg & Point Option

The Stealth 15mm LD (low disturbance) leg and tungsten tipped LD point are the product of many years development. Whilst many customers are moving towards reduced tillage systems they appreciate that drainage is key to crop development, allowing timely field operations and preventing the relentless progress of grass weeds such as blackgrass. The low disturbance leg and point that HE-VA has developed allows deep soil loosening whilst minimising surface disturbance and preventing mixing of the soil profile.

The thinner legs are made from stronger Hardox steel and can be interchanged with the standard 25mm subsoiler legs as necessary. However, it is the point that really makes the difference. The Stealth 120mm LD point has a shallower wing angle and shorter tungsten tipped nose that opens the soil to create drainage without disturbing the whole soil profile.

Stealth 15mm low disturbance legs can be retro-fitted to any HE-VA subsoilers.

For more information visit the Stealth product section.


V Profile Rear Rollers

Like many of the machines in the HE-VA range the subsoiler uses the pressed steel V-Profile ring as standard. Mounted machines are fitted with a 600mm diameter roller, whilst the trailed machines are fitted with a 700mm diameter roller. HE-VA's uniquely designed scrapers ensure the machine can continue to work in very wet sticky conditions. 

Each ring section is castellated ensuring the roller turns in light soils and the aggressive rib and shoulder profile effectively breaks down clods leaving an excellent, consolidated weatherproof finish.

Front Cutting Disc Option

Add front cutting discs to your subsoiler to help cut through trash, minimise surface disturbance and reduce soil burst. These are particularly effective with Stealth legs and points seen in the image above.


The HE-VA Subsoilers come as standard with hydraulic depth control. Hydraulic depth control is a useful feature making it easy for the operator to alter the working depth without the need to remove awkward pins or bolts.

The provision of a depth gauge, shown above, can be useful when you need to work deeper, for example along tramlines or in habitually water logged areas.

The hydraulic rear roller allows the operator to finely tune the subsoiler to find its critical depth.  

It also simplifies hitching and unhitching the subsoiler from the tractor - the roller can be lowered to the ground to stabilise the subsoiler.


For use with low to higher horsepower tractors, on medium to large sized farms, the Rigid Subsoiler from HE-VA is designed to tackle the toughest challenge.

2.5m, 3m, 3.5m and 4m working widths are available with 3, 5 and 7 legs respectively, these machines combine outstanding performance to deliver substantial productivity benefits.

Variable leg spacing is standard on all HE-VA subsoilers

All rigid subsoilers come with CAT III / IV compatible headstock.


Rigid Subsoiler - Shearbolt (max 350hp)

Model No of Legs Working Width Roller Type Weight
1064501-02 3 2.5m Cage 985kg
1064501-02 3 2.5m V-Profile 1500kg
1064501-12 3 3m Cage 1060kg
1064503-12 3 3m V-Profile 1680kg
1064503-13 5 3m V-Profile 1850kg
1064503-20 5 3.5m V-Profile 2030kg
1064503-21 7 3.5m V-Profile 2200kg
1064503-30 7 4m V-Profile 2380kg


Rigid Subsoiler - Hydraulic Reset (max 350hp)

Model No of Legs Working Width Roller Type Weight
1064501-07 3 2.5m Cage 1060kg
1064501-07 3 2.5m V-Profile 1605kg
1064501-17 3 3m Cage 1170kg
1064503-17 3 3m V-Profile 1785kg
1064503-18 5 3m V-Profile 2025kg
1064503-26 5 3.5m V-Profile 2210kg
1064503-27 7 3.5m V-Profile 1440kg
1064503-36 7 4m V-Profile 2620kg

For use with high horsepower tractors on larger farms, the hydraulic folding Subsoiler from HE-VA is designed to tackle the toughest challenge.

Offering 4m and 5m working widths, with 7 and 9 legs respectively, these machines combine outstanding performance and mobility to deliver substantial productivity benefits.

Each of the Subsoiler models splits and folds down to a width of 2.43 metres for easy transport and access. Full lighting kits are available as an option.

Variable leg spacing is standard on all HE-VA subsoilers

All folding subsoilers come with CAT III / IV compatible headstock

Subsoiler automatic lock engaged for transport / folded mode.


Hydraulic Folding Subsoiler - Shearbolt (max 450hp)

Model No of legs Working Width Roller Type Weight
1064503-40 7 4m V-Profile 2730kg
1064503-51 9 5m V-Profile 3260kg


Hydraulic Folding Subsoiler - Hydraulic Reset (max 450hp)

Model No of legs Working Width Roller Type Weight
1064503-46 7 4m V-Profile 2970kg
1064503-57 9 5m V-Profile 3690kg

The HE-VA Trailed Subsoiler is the next step in providing subsoilers for the high horsepower tractors up to 650hp. The trailed subsoilers are available in 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m working widths, with 7, 9, 11 and 13 legs respectively. 

Variable leg spacing is standard on all HE-VA subsoilers.

Trailed Subsoiler - Shearbolt (max 650hp)

Model No of legs Working Width Roller Type Weight
1064500-03 7 4m V-Profile 5600kg
1064500-09 9 5m V-Profile 5900kg
1064500-14 11 6m V-Profile 6500kg
1064500-18 13 7m V-Profile 7150kg


Trailed Subsoiler - Hydraulic Reset (max 650hp)

Model No of legs Working Width Roller Type Weight
1064500-04 7 4m V-Profile 6000kg
1064500-10 9 5m V-Profile 6060g
1064500-15 11 6m V-Profile 6700kg
1064500-18 13 7m V-Profile 7380kg

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