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The HE-VA Front Equipment range is constructed of two very different machines, the HE-VA Top Cutter Solo and the HE-VA Front Press & Front Pakker. 

Offered as a rigid model from 3m - 4m, and as a folding model from 4m - 6m, The HE-VA Top Cutter Solo has been designed for the destruction of cover crops and stubbles, aiding farmers to reduce their reliance on herbicides.  

The second-half of HE-VA's Front Equipment range is made up of the V-Profile Front Press and Pakker, often used ahead of a Combi-Drill to ease its work load whilst also offering an increasingly effective and useful front weight. The V-Profile Front Press is by far the most popular of both machines, suiting all soil types. Its sharp rib cuts clods whilst its 45º V-Profile roller consolidates even the lightest ground.

The HE-VA Front Press range gives you the choice between two models - the popular V-Profile Front Press and Front Pakker.

The HE-VA Top Cutter Solo is the stand alone version of HE-VA’s existing Top Cutter range of integrated vegetation and stubble control machines. A Top-Cutter can be fitted as an optional extra on HE-VA Tip and Tip Roller XL Cambridge rolls as well as onto the Disc Roller Contour and Disc Roller XL Contour.  

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