The ultimate HE-VA Stealth

4m Stealth Accu-DiscAt the last LAMMA show OPICO launched the HE-VA Stealth.  Listening to our customers and cultivation experts we have evolved the Stealth to become a roots and metal soil conditioning machine, creating the ultimate Stealth

The Stealth can deliver a one pass soil conditioning solution for those looking to improve soil structure through roots and metal along with OSR establishment. HE-VA have mounted their Multi-Seeder and Accu-Disc to their best-selling Stealth; a low disturbance, medium-depth sub-soiler. 

The Multi-Seeder, mounted to the Stealth can be simply reconfigured to broadcast cover crop seed behind the Stealth legs and in front of the V-profile roller via spreader plates, delivering medium depth subsoiling and cover crop seeding in one pass making it the consummate roots and metal soil conditioning machine.  

The Multi-Seeder can then easily be converted back to its more traditional use delivering OSR via the Accu-Disc coulter system precisely and consistently to the required depth, behind the V-Profile roller, before consolidation with the following press wheel and therefore giving OSR the best possible start.  A twin hopper version of the Multi-Seeder is also available to apply two products at the same time through twin metering units and seed pipes, for example OSR seed and slug pellets.

A 4m Stealth and Accu-Disc will be on show, on the OPICO stand, at LAMMA Show 2022 in Hall 6.

LAMMA 2022