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New 3m wide spring reset soil loosener launched

OPICO has launched a new HE-VA Spring Reset 3m wide Combi-lift Soil Loosener. It is designed to integrate with the mounted HE-VA 3m disc roller producing a machine capable of medium depth soil loosening and surface cultivation in one pass.

This new 3m wide spring reset Combi-lift model has five tines, and will work down to 250mm (10”).

OPICO’s James Woolway explains: “HE-VA has been offering a shear bolt protected mounted Combi-lift since 2004, and a trailed hydraulic reset unit since 2009. The new spring reset Combi-lift is designed to provide stone protection when integrated with the mounted HE-VA Disc roller.”

He adds: “One of the key features that has made the HE-VA Disc Roller a popular machine is the hydraulic adjustment of working depth in the field. This new Combi-lift is also designed with the operator in mind allowing hydraulic tine depth adjustment from the tractor seat whilst on the move.”

“When cultivation of the soil surface is not required, the Disc Roller discs can be lifted out of work hydraulically from the tractor seat, effectively leaving the machine working as a soil loosener. Similarly the Combi-Lift can be lifted out of work if just surface cultivation is required.”

For more information, contact OPICO on 01778 421111


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