Grassland Machinery

The HE-VA grassland machinery range includes the Grass Roller and Grass Rejuvenator. 

Grass Roller

Farms and fields are spread over larger distances and yet need the same attention from heavy ballast grass rolls in the spring that they have had in the past. The Grass Roller uses existing HE-VA Rolls technology to solve this increasing problem for today's grassland farmer and contractor.

Grass Rejuvenator

The Grass Rejuvenator is a grassland improvement machine which consists of an aggressive shattaboard with slicing plates, 2 rows of heavy duty harrow tines, an Air 8 or Air 16 Grass seeder and a Prisma roller. The slicing plates and harrow tines break up and level the soil surface in front of the grass seed outlets and the soil is then firmed behind by the Prisma roller.