Genuine Parts



All HE-VA legs and points are manufactured to stringent quality standards, with the legs made from Hardox steel to give both strength and durability.  HE-VA manufactures both standard legs (25mm wide) and Stealth LD legs (15mm wide).  Leg design varies according to each machine.

HE-VA Stealth LD long life, cast steel points are supplied as standard with tungsten carbide tips but can also be supplied with tungsten carbide wings to increase wear life by approximately 250-300%.

Improved hardness helps to reduce overall costs by extending the life of the part and reducing downtime.

The use of non-genuine parts could invalidate HE-VA's 2 year warranty. 

Stealth LD Point

All HE-VA Stealth LD points are manufactured to the latest stringent quality standards, and are deigned to provide the optimum working characteristics of each machine. Additionally, if you're looking to further increase longevity and decrease downtime, points can be specified with additional tungsten on the wings, in addition to the standard tungsten on the nose.

Available in two sizes, 120mm and 200mm, the Stealth LD points are supplied as standard with a tungsten nose and can be supplied with tungsten on the wings. 

Stealth LD Points are suitable for the following HE-VA Subsoilers:

Subsoiler, Stealth, Evolution, Combi-Lift, Combi-Disc

Below is the standard 120mm Stealth LD point with tungsten on the nose, as well as the Stealth LD point that includes the optional tungsten tip on the wings. 


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