HE-VA Cultivation

HE-VA offer an extensive range of cultivation equipment, this includes Disc Cultivators, Stubble Cultivators, Subsoilers and Seeding Tool-bars.

Comb-Lift: Now the Disc Roller can be used in conjunction with the Combi-Lift as a one-pass subsoiling and surface cultivation tool.

Disc Roller: The HE-VA Disc Roller Disc Harrow is a result of years of development and testing to find the ideal combination of disc angle and packer ring to give perfect incorporation, mixing and consolidation in one high-speed pass.

Combi-Disc: The Combi-Disc brings together the Subsoiling and Disc Elements in one frame and with HE-VA's clever design allows all the components to be adjusted hydraulically on the move.

Subsoiler: HEVA Subsoilers are designed for minimum draft and maximum heave without bringing large unwanted clods to the surface. 

Triple Tiller: The Triple Tiller is a high speed Stubble Cultivator designed to work down to 300mm (12") deep depending on conditions and the point option used.

Euro-Tiller: The HE-VA Euro Tillers are designed for seedbed preparation on all soil types.  The standard machine has a solid 7 row frame in 60x60x5 cm sectional box section. 

Accu-Disc: The HE-VA Accu-Disc is a double disc coulter with press wheel, this is the next step in Till-Seeding enabling seed placement to be controlled precisely and consistently to your required depth.

Evolution Rape Seeder: The Evolution Rape Seeder is a Subsoiler based all-in-one precision OSR Seeder encompassing a dual metering system hopper and the Accu-Disc seed coulter bar.