Disc Roller Contour

The ideal post harvest multipurpose cultivator

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Disc Roller Contour  

Shallow disc = blackgrass chit

The HE-VA Disc Roller Contour is the ideal post harvest cultivator to encourage a blackgrass chit.  A multipurpose
cultivator - designed to perform both shallow and deep cultivation, the Disc Roller Countour cuts and mixes all the soil
evenly.  In either case creating a seedbed or stale seedbed in a single pass, saving time and fuel.

 Disc Roller DSD  

Moves ground evenly

HE-VA has developed the Sabre Disc to optimise movement and mixing of soil ie disc effectiveness. The unique Sabre
disc's relatively flat design means it cuts and pushes the soil sideways rather than scooping out grooves of soil even
when working at shallow depth.  This coupled with the stagger of the two disc rows maximises movement and mixing of soil.

Normal, concave, heavily dished discs have too much angle and do not overlap enough to cut all the soil at shallow
depths.  Additionally, a concave disc will smear the soil or cause a disc pan in wet conditions.

DSD depth control  

Controlled depth

HE-VA's unique Depth Synchronised Discs (DSD) system allows the discs to be moved up and down using the tractor's
hydraulics either for shallow cultivation (near vertical Sabre disc) or for deep cultivation (angled Sabre disc). Critically
this means the contact angle with the soil is adjusted at the same time giving more aggression with more depth.

Contour following  

Uniform and consistent seedbed

The Disc Roller's new  "Contour" system ensures uniform cultivation and consolidation providing optimum opportunity
 for seedbed establishment. 


Multipurpose cultivator

As well as being an excellent primary cultivator for cultivating stubble and incorporating crop residues to a depth of
125mm (5"), the addition of a shattaboard gives you a superb machine for secondary cultivation ie levelling and working
down cultivated ground. A true multipurpose cultivator that can be used on mintill or ploughed land to produce a level,
firm seedbed.

V Profile rolls  

Rear roller profile

Like many of the machines in the HE-VA range the Disc Roller Contour uses the proven pressed steel V profile ring.  
All rings are mounted onto a solid axle so that each section of the roller turns as one ensuring the machine can continue
to work in very wet stick conditions.   Each ring is castellated ensuring the roller turns in light soils and the aggressive
rib and shoulder profile combines with the 145 mm spacing to leave an excellent consolidated weatherproof finish.

farmer in cab  

Ease of operation 

Control all functions and adjustments from the comfort of your tractor cab making the Disc Roller Contour quick and
easy to set up and adjust, ensuring minimum down time when moving between fields.

Vario Cast  

Variocast mounting kit

All Disc Rollers can be fitted with a mounting kit suitable for the OPICO Variocast to allow seeding of OSR & cover crops.

Contact OPICO on 01778 421111 

or your HE-VA dealer for more information or a demonstration.


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