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Disc Roller Contour

Disc Roller Contour In ActionThe HE-VA Disc Roller Contour is the ideal multipurpose cultivator for any farm. Most importantly it’s simple to use, reliable and saves time and money!

The Disc Roller is a result of years of development and testing to find the ideal disc design, spacing and angle for shallow cultivations whilst the DSD system automatically changes the angle of the disc for deeper work.



Versatile Cultivation

The Disc Roller is highly versatile, it can be used to incorporate stubble and other crop residues to a depth of up to 125mm (5”) in minimal tillage cultivations. It is also a superb tool for working ploughed land prior to drilling and with around 1 tonne per metre you have an efficient consolidating press for secondary cultivations.


New Contour Following System

To make a stale seedbed or prepare a seedbed for drilling you need to ensure that the machine you are using follows the contours of the field. If not you will have areas in the field that are under or over cultivated or consolidated and this will effect the crop growth and yield at harvest. The Disc Roller Contour combats this with its unique contour following system.

Special Active Transfer (SAT) System 

The Disc Roller Contour’s hydraulic folding system is linked to two accumulators and a hydraulic pressure gauge. The gauge allows the operator to even the pressure out across the working width to ensure consistent cultivation on uneven ground. The accumulators act as an oil buffer when the cultivator travels over uneven ground and the hydraulic rams need to extend or shorten to allow the disc cultivator to follow the contours.

 Contour Diagram

The amount of contour following "float" varies depending on the working width 

The various working widths pivot on the inner wings giving the following amount of float up and down. (see below).

4.25m Disc Roller Contour = 45mm up and 45mm down = total 90mm float.
5.25m Disc Roller Contour = 55mm up and 55mm down = total 110mm float.
6.25m Disc Roller Contour = 65mm up and 65mm down = total 130mm float.

DSD - Depth Synchronised Disc - Aggressiveness

DSD - Depth Synchronised Disc - Aggressiveness

 Depth Synchronised Disc

When designing the Disc Roller the aim of the HE-VA engineers was to produce a machine that could fulfil all the roles that a disc cultivator is asked to. It needed to be able to work shallow to create stale seedbeds at 2 - 5cm and at the same time be able to cut and incorporate crop residues when working deep in heavy soils. The unique DSD system is the way that both aims were achieved. When the machine is being used for shallow cultivation (position 1) the disc is virtually perpendicular to the soil. As the operator adjusts the discs deeper using the tractor hydraulics (position 2) the disc angle automatically increases (see below).


Depth Synchronised Disc


  1. When working shallow the DSD system ensures that the angle of the disc to the soil is perpendicular (vertical) which means that the discs push the soil horizontally (sideways) and the whole soil surface is moved. Another key benefit of the vertical disc is that it breaks the soil loose rather than “scooping” it out like a concave disc working at an angle, this means there is no smearing which would create a disc pan.

  2. When being used as a deep disc cultivator or for residue mixing and incorporation a more aggressive disc angle is required. The DSD system automatically increases the aggressiveness of the disc angle relative to the soil surface.

The end result is that the discs pull themselves into the ground more which assists penetration meaning more soil is inverted and residue incorporated. All this happens automatically and hydraulically as the depth of the discs is being altered by the tractor driver.

A traditional concave disc or an aggressively angled disc will lift soil and cut out “grooves” but will not move all the soil surface. At the same time it will tend to smear and seal the worked soil creating a disc pan. - DSD

510mm Sabre Disc

Sabre Disc Disc Harroe

A major part of the development work on the Disc Roller Contour was the optimisation of the disc design. This has resulted in the new Sabre Disc (see right) from HE-VA. Normal heavily dished discs (see right) have too much angle and do not overlap enough to cut all the soil at shallow depths. 

The Sabre discs shallow disc angle, with its superb cutting action, coupled with the stagger of the two disc rows, provides maximum movement and mixing of soil, even at shallow working depths. The other advantage of a relatively flat disc is that it does not smear causing a disc pan in wet conditions, where the back of a more conventional concave disc smears the soil as it works, creating a pan and causing problems for crop roots and drainage. 

Increased Clearance

The Contour features 90mm increased clearance between the two rows of discs and the same again between the discs and packer. This ensures a consistent flow of material through the machine even in trashy conditions. 

Increased clearance

Border Deflector Disc

Combi-Disc Border Deflector DiscThe border deflector comes standard on every Disc Roller ensuring that a level finish can be achieved on any soil type.

Transport Locks

The HE-VA Disc Roller has automatic transport locks and all functions are adjustable from the tractor seat. This makes itHE-VA Transport Locks
quick and easy to setup and ensures minimal downtime when moving between fields.

Rear Roller


Disc Roller V Profile Selection

Disc Roller V-Profile RingsLike many of the machines in the HE-VA range the Disc Roller uses the proven pressed steel V profile ring. However, all the rings are mounted on a 150mm solid axle so that each section of the roller turns as one ensuring the machine can continue to work in very wet sticky conditions. Each ring section is castellated ensuring the roller turns in light soils and the aggressive rib and shoulder profile combines with the 145mm spacing to leave an excellent consolidated weatherproof finish.

Alongside the standard single row of V Profile Rings, the Disc Roller Contour ‘Twin’ model incorporates different roller options. A twin V or twin U profile ring can be specified to suit different soils. These new roller options provide different consolidation for specific situations and should ensure that there is a machine suitable for every customer’s needs.

The U profile roller has been utilised in HE-VA machines for over a decade. It is designed to provide shallow consolidation without smearing due to the “soil on soil” pressing that occurs when the U profile fills with soil.


Rigid 2.25m / 2.75m / 3.25m / 3.75 Disc Roller

The 2.25m, 2.75m, 3.25 and 3.75m Disc Rollers are available as rigid models with the option of either mounted or trailed on all machines with the exception of the 2.25m model.

Rigid Disc Roller

2 Section Folding 4.25m / 5.25m / 6.25m Disc Roller

A real advantage of the Disc Roller design is the simplicity of folding. From driving to the field to being in work literally can be measured in seconds. Once in work all the adjustments needed can be done from the tractor seat.

All 2 section folding models incorporate the SAT system allowing all sizes of machines to follow the contours of the ground. 

3 Section folding 7.75m Disc Roller

The same advantages are integrated into the larger 3 section folding machines. The same as the 2 section machines, getting the Disc Roller into work from transport is done in seconds, all adjustments can be done from the tractor seat and then put straight into work.

All 3 section folding models incorporate the SAT system allowing the 7.75m Disc Roller Contour to follow the contours of the ground. 

Technical Information

Disc Roller Contour Specifications

HE-VA Disc Roller Contour


Working Width

Transport Width 


No. of Discs

V-Profile Ring No. | Kg

Twin V-Profile Ring No. | Kg

Twin U-Profile Ring No. | Kg






16 | 1780








20 | 2080








23 | 2395








20 | 2630

20 | 2910

20 | 2620






23 | 2945

23 | 3240

23 | 2930






26 | 3260

26 | 3570

26 | 3240






30 | 4030

30 | 4340

30 | 4010






36 | 4740

36 | 4740

36 | 4740






42 | 5510

42 | 5860

42 | 5990






53 | 7700



Options & Accessories

Soil Mat

Soil MatSoil Mat Disc Roller Contour

This ensures soil falls in front of the roller to present a level surface to be consolidated. Recommended when fitting a seeder to your Disc Roller.


BrakesDisc Roller Contour Brakes

Air braking or hydraulic braking systems are available for all trailed disc rollers as a factory fit option.





Electric Depth Stop

Electric Depth StopDisc Roller Electric Stop

Standard on the larger machines and available as an option on the 2.5 - 6.5m machines. This allows a preset depth to be selected.


Variocast Mounting Kit

Variocast Mounting KitDisc Roller Contour Variocast

All Disc Rollers can be fitted with a mounting kit suitable for the OPICO Variocast to allow seeding of OSR and cover crops.




Front Wheels

Disc Roller Contour WheelsFront Wheels

A set of adjustable front mounted pivoting support wheels 300/65x12ply, for use on very uneven terrain.





Following Harrow

Following HarrowDisc Roller Contour Following Harrow

Adjustable spring loaded 12mm diameter following harrow behind the roller, often fitted when seeding. 





HPV Controller

HPV ControllerDisc Roller Contour HPV

Reduces the number of tractor spools needed by controlling up to four double acting functions. Multiple functions can be activated simultaneously.

Memory Cylinder

Memory CylinderDisc Roller Contour Memory Cylinder

Hydraulic adjustment of the drawbar angle to balance the left and right pull from discs (in place of spacer clips). 




Optional Extras

Disc Roller Contour - Optional Extra

Part Number



Electric Depth Stop 250, 300, 350 and 400 Rigid Models


Electric Depth Stop 450, 550 and 650 Folding Models


Air Brakes 300-600


Air brakes 800


Hydraulic Brake 300-600


Hydraulic Brake 800


Adjustable Soil Mat 250


Adjustable Soil Mat 300


Adjustable Soil Mat 350


Adjustable Soil Mat 400


Adjustable Soil Mat 450


Adjustable Soil Mat 550


Adjustable Soil Mat 650


Adjustable Soil Mat 800


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