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HE-VA - The past, present and future

As good as it looks

Modern soil preparation demands effective and reliable machines with a demand for high speed and high output. It is important - more than ever - that the machines are reliable and free from problems during the season. With one of the widest product programmes within soil preparation machines and front-linkages, HE-VA offer professional machines to cover any workload. HE-VA’s product range is under constant development and continuously in a constructive dialogue with the agricultural sector and the dealers in several countries, ensuring that consistently the machines are in relation to the actual needs and growing methods in the agricultural sector.

Steady development

HE-VA was founded in 1977 by Elly & Villy Christiansen starting the production on the farm at Bjergby near Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. As they both were born and raised in the country, there was never any doubt that the new engineering works should be devoted to agricultural machines. As early as 1980 more space was required, and the factory moved to bigger localities in Nykøbing Mors where the factory has been expanded many times through the years. In 2001 a new factory and administration building of 7.500 m2 in total was brought into use at the address N.A. Christensensvej 34, where the company’s administration is still accommodated.
With the takeover of Doublet Record in Ørding on the island of Mors in 2002, the company’s production area and number of employees were suddenly doubled in size, and agricultural machines were now produced at two addresses. With the extension in the summer of 2006 and the extension in progress, today the total production area amounts to a 40,000 m2 very modern production machinery with 145 employees. With all production gathered on the Island of Mors.

Ready for the future’s demands

HE-VA is optimising and developing its products continuously in relation to the customers’ demands and needs.


With focus on design and construction of new machines which with high output ensure the field work in the modern agriculture is more efficient. HE-VA will continuously be an interesting and serious partner for the Danish and the international agricultural market. Moreover, investments in efficiency improvement of the production machinery are made on a regular basis in order to maintain the competitiveness both as regards price and quality, and with the clear policy that HE-VA also in the future wants to keep it's production in Denmark.

In 2002 Heine K. Christiansen was appointed as technical director and co-owner of HE-VA. This ensures, that the way the family wished the company to develop will continue.


HE-VA Ording Factory


Nykoebing Factory